When I approached the film, I knew that it was impossible to represent the monsters as simply beasts that jump on you. Kostenloser Versand. Rose also encounters the girl, revealed to be an aspect of Alessa. [13] To prepare for her role, Krige read the book The End of Days by Erna Paris, a book about tyranny during the Spanish Inquisition. Rose rescues Sharon, and, upon seeing Dark Alessa, Sharon and Alessa/Dark Alessa reunite into one body. Brotherhood of the Wolf is the second highest-grossing French film in the U.S. After Silent Hill, Gans directed a live-action version of Beauty and the Beast. Upon finding a photo of Alessa, Christopher goes to the orphanage where Sharon was adopted. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Insbesondere möchte ich das Spiel nicht von der japanischen Spukhaus-Kulisse entfernen“, so der Regisseur eher beiläufig. Christophe teamed with writer Nicolas Boukhrief to write an initial treatment for the film. Bitte Einzelheiten im Warenkorb ansehen. "[39], Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a score of D+, stating that "a few of the images are startling" but "Silent Hill is mostly paralyzing in its vagueness. After attempting to gain the film rights to Silent Hill for five years, Gans sent a video interview to them explaining his plans for adapting Silent Hill and how important the games are to him. Der Regisseur Christophe Gans ist mit der Arbeit an Videospiel-Filmen zu "Silent Hill" und "Project Zero" beschäftigt. Rose runs away and is encountered by many other inhuman creatures. Die Filmversoftung war genial. In interviews, he stated that he wished to make an adaptation of Silent Hill 3, centering around an older version of Sharon Da Silva. The film was also released in Australia on August 31, 2006. [15] "It's interesting because the town itself mirrors this fractured psychology—different dimensions, different doubles of the same person." Das Projekt wird immer in dieser Atmosphäre einer kleinen amerikanischen Stadt verankert sein, die vom Puritanismus heimgesucht wird. After being hired to write and direct Silent Hill: Revelation, M.J. Bassettspoke with Christophe bri… Der Regisseur Christophe Gans ist mit der Arbeit an Videospiel-Filmen zu "Silent Hill" und "Project Zero" beschäftigt. Director Christophe Gans recently told French website Allocine that he's working on two projects. REPORT: TWO SILENT HILL GAMES IN THE WORKS READ MORE Silent Hill is allegedly making a comeback The film was later released in 19 other countries in 2006 which include Russia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Mexico. In interviews, he stated that he wished to make an adaptation of Silent Hill 3, centering around an older version of Sharon Da Silva. Christabella immolated Alessa during a ritual but Dahlia realized what was happening and alerted Gucci. Gans also directed Brotherhood of the Wolf, which makes me think he would probably be a better match for a hypothetical Bloodborne movie than another Silent Hill, but we'll see how this third attempt works out. [16] It was filmed in both Brantford and Hamilton[17] as well as on soundstages in Toronto in 2005 and on location in Alma College. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember the glorious era of psychological disturbance of the early 2000s and the films we got from that time. [30], Silent Hill opened in 2,932 theaters and earned $20 million domestically on its opening weekend and opened at number one at the U.S. box office. The media is getting ready for a reemerging wave of horror. Rose and Alessa leave the town and return home. I especially don't want to uproot the game from its Japanese haunted house setting." Wir bleiben dran. Ja der erste Film war klasse .. den zweiten hab ich ehrlich gesagt nicht mal zu Ende geguckt .. Viel Erfolg.... Mehr als in die Hose gehen kann es auch nicht nachdem Grandiosen ersten Teil und dem miserablen zweiten . Related Topics: Christophe Gans Fatal Frame Silent Hill. I think it's time to make a new one.". Also von einer starken Humorlosigkeit, was religiöse Fragen angeht. France, Belgium, Hungary, and Greece also saw April releases. Rose enters the basement, but she is barricaded by a group of weapon-wielding nurses who appear to be almost completely blind due to their disfigured, covered faces. [33], Advance screenings of Silent Hill were not given to critics by the distributor. Inside, Christabella, the high priestess of the Brethren and Alessa's aunt, suggests a "demon" knows where Sharon is. [14], The score consists almost entirely of music from Yamaoka's soundtracks to the original four games in the series. As a teenager, he spent a large portion of his time creating kung fu-themed Super 8 movies with his friends. Emily Lineham as Lisa Garland (credited as "Red Nurse"), a nurse who was horribly scarred by Alessa just for peeking into her burn tent, and as one of the Dark Nurses Rose encounters in the hospital. Der Film wird in Japan angesiedelt sein. The film's poster of a mouthless Alessa was the subject of some vandalism, with many malefactors drawing cartoon mouths (smiling, screaming, sporting vampire fangs, etc.) Und Silent Hill sowieso. [34] On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 31% based on 100 reviews, with an average rating of 4.54/10. For five years, Christophe sent letter after letter, and was finally able to convince the corporation of his ability to create a faithful film adaptation when he sent them a version of Silent Hill he had filmed on his own budget. Thank you for signing up to PC Gamer. Her followers lead Rose and Cybil to a hospital, claiming the demon is in the basement. Denn weitere Infos sind bislang nicht verfügbar. As of January 3, 2007 the film has grossed $46 million domestically and $97 million total worldwide. Alessa as a result allowed her darkest emotions to split from her physical body creating a doppelgänger of herself; Dark. Christophe would later promise the release of a collector's edition outside of France; however, there is no time frame on when this will happen. This page was last edited on 13 November 2020, at 00:04. Bei einem Einkauf erhalten wir eine kleine Provision, mit der wir die kostenlos nutzbare Seite finanzieren können. Das klingt alles vielversprechend – doch ob und wann wir die neuen "Silent Hill"- und "Project Zero"-Filme zu sehen bekommen, ist momentan nicht sicher. The appearance of the town is corrupted in the way that her own flesh was wounded. Christophe Gans, director of Brotherhood of the Wolf and the original 2006 Silent Hill movie, commented on his current projects during an interview with French film news site Allocine. Meanwhile, Sharon, protected by Dahlia, is captured by the Brethren. Ich freue mich. ^^. "Silent Hill" von 2006 war vielleicht nicht perfekt, gilt bei Fans aber als einer der besten Filme, die auf einem Videogame basieren. Gans was born in Antibes, France. There was a problem. Die Bestätigung erfolgte eher beiläufig. Christophe Gans is a French writer and director, who directed and co-wrote Silent Hill. Then someone else made a sequel that was somehow even worse. Wenn es einen Film in der Qualität des ersten geben würde wär das schon geil! Das heißt, reichlich Horrornachschub ist garantiert. On August 22, 2006, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and TriStar Pictures released the DVD, Blu-ray, and UMD versions of the film in North America. Continue Reading . Arriving at Silent Hill, Rose is involved in a car accident and awak… Meanwhile, Christopher is alone in the real world but discovers that the front door has mysteriously opened. When they return home, it is revealed that they are still in the foggy dimension, separated from reality. [31] At the DVD domestic sales, the film sold 1,316,169 units in 4 weeks, bringing a profit of $22,149,584,[32] and making the total gross of the film jump to $119,757,037 worldwide. It doesn't take long for her to discover its home to beings as equally haunting as the town itself. That is, to me, the meaning of the darkness. [19], Gans said that casting of Mitchell as the lead for the film is "a matter of feeling. Christophe Gans will die beiden Horror-Games zusammen mit dem französischen Produzenten Victor Hadida demnächst auf die Kinoleinwand bringen. "[37] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film one and a half stars (out of four), calling it "an incredibly good-looking film," but noting that he "did not understand the story" and criticizing how "all through the movie, characters are pausing in order to offer arcane back-stories and historical perspectives and metaphysical insights and occult orientations. Wie die "Silent Hill"-Spiele sind auch die "Project Zero"-Games im Kern extrem japanisch und unterscheiden sich deutlich von amerikanischen Actionspielen. Rose is later joined by Cybil, also trapped in the foggy dimension of the town due to a giant fracture isolating Silent Hill. The film received mixed reviews, with critics praising the film's visuals, set designs, and atmosphere, but criticized the film for its dialogue, plot, and run-time. New York, or placing stickers where her mouth would be.[28]. Avary was fascinated since childhood by the idea that fires underneath the town would be burning for such a long time. Der hats drauf und meine Erwartungen sind dementsprechend sehr hoch. The site's critical consensus reads, "Silent Hill is visually impressive, but as with many video game adaptations, it's plagued by inane dialogue, a muddled plot, and an overlong runtime. After filming, over 619 visual effects shots were used in the film,[25] with the most prominent uses being the fog that drenches the town, the transitions to darkness, and the insects that surround Pyramid Head. Onimusha was later stalled indefinitely; however, Christophe still remained absent from the sequel. Christophe contacted producer Samuel Hadida and asked for his aid in creating a theatrical version of Silent Hill, which Hadida agreed to. Rose flees from Cybil, but when a girl steps out into the road, Rose crashes and blacks out. Silent Hill is a 2006 psychological horror film directed by Christophe Gans and written by Roger Avary, Gans, and Nicolas Boukhrief. In the church, Christabella burns Cybil to death and plans to do the same to Sharon. Es ist ein Problem aufgetreten. Am 27. [42], On the 31st January 2020, Christophe Gans expressed an interest in working on another Silent Hill film. "[40] Dennis Harvey of Variety opined that "above-average interest is generated for a time by [the] elaborate visual package," but "in the end, Silent Hill degenerates into an overblown replay of all those Twilight Zone and Stephen King stories in which outsiders stumble upon a time-warped location from which there's no escape. On April 21, 2006, Silent Hill opened across the world to a $100 million box office. [13] When the script was finished, a studio memo was sent to Gans and Avary that voiced concerns about the lack of a male presence in the film, since the original story contained a nearly all female cast. Yamaoka's scores were arranged by film composer Jeff Danna, with some tracks appearing in almost identical form to their in-game counterparts, while others were recreated entirely. Hoffe auf einen guten Nachfolger von Gans. Speziell auf „Silent Hill“ bezogen erklärte Gans weiter: „Wir arbeiten auch an einem neuen Silent Hill. The DVD and Blu-ray were released in both Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1 and Pan and Scan versions and both included a Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track. In a flashback, it is revealed that Alessa was stigmatised by the townspeople for being a bastard. Onimusha was later stalled indefinitely; however, Christophe still remained absent from the sequel. Hospitalized, Alessa's rage grew and manifested as Dark Alessa, who is responsible for the shifting dimensions of Silent Hill. Avary used Centralia, Pennsylvania as an inspiration for the town. "[13] "The monsters in the game are not really monsters, but rather a mockery of human beings. Darauf verwies der Regisseur Christophe Gans („Silent Hill“, „Der Pakt der Wölfe“, „Die Schöne und das Biest“) in einem Interview. In the film Silent Hill, directed by Christophe Gans, a nine year old girl named Alessa is forced to live a life of torment. Factory released a 2-disc Collector's Edition Blu-Ray of Silent Hill through their "Scream! Artikel 1 Silent Hill von Christophe Gans | DVD | Zustand sehr gut 1 -, Artikel 2 Silent Hill [Blu-ray] von Christophe Gans | DVD | Zustand sehr gut 2 -, Artikel 4 Silent Hill - Blu-ray - Horror - sehr gut 4 -, 5.0 von 5 Sternen bei 9 Produktbewertungen, 5.0 von 5 Sternen bei 7 Produktbewertungen, 5.0 von 5 Sternen bei 3 Produktbewertungen, 5.0 von 5 Sternen bei 22 Produktbewertungen, 5.0 von 5 Sternen bei 5 Produktbewertungen. [18] American studio Sony Pictures bought the distribution rights for $14 million for the United States and Latin America to be released under its TriStar Pictures genre film subsidiary. Factory" label. Silent Hill – Christophe Gans kündigt neuen Film an! Christophe Gans could not direct the sequel because he was busy directing an Onimusha film adaptation. Artikel 5 Silent Hill 5 - Silent Hill. Searching the town for Sharon, Rose pursues the same girl she encountered prior to the crash, who turns out to resemble Sharon. He then went on to mention a new Silent Hill movie: "The project will always be anchored in this atmosphere of a small American town, ravaged by Puritanism. "[3] According to Nathan Lee of The New York Times: "It begins as a quest, develops into a ghost-town mystery, devolves into a preposterous cautionary tale about witchcraft and religious fundamentalism, and wraps up like the outrageously overwrought fantasy of a movie nerd obsessed with horror who has been given obscene amounts of money to adapt a video game. Auch das Spiel hat mir sehr gut gefallen damals.. "[38] Don R. Lewis of Film Threat praised the film's visuals but wrote that "this entire film is downright confusing and not in an intriguing way," calling it "the best-looking bad film I've ever seen. Laut Gans werde daher auch der "Project Zero"-Film in Japan spielen, genauer gesagt: in einem verfluchten Spukhaus. We tried to keep that in mind when we did the casting on this film. Allerdings müsst ihr in den kommenden Jahren nicht ohne „Silent Hill“ auskommen. [citation needed], In order to maintain the feel of the games, Gans had the sound designer of the original Silent Hill, Akira Yamaoka, flown to the set several times. Der erste Titel kam 1999 als PlayStation-Spiel auf den Markt und zog zahlreiche Nachfolger nach sich. In addition to containing previous special features, the Collector's Edition also featured new bonus content, including cast and crew interviews, a commentary track with cinematographer Dan Laustsen, and a new HD remaster of the film. He opined that "the film is overlong, with too many unnecessary scenes" and that "a lot of the movie seems like pointless running around", but added that the film "looks great" and that "it packs in a few scary moments and offers a nicely ambiguous conclusion. Gans directed the first Silent Hill movie, released in 2006, which got the visuals and the music right if not so much the story. Im Interview mit dem französischen Entertainment-Portal Allociné (unter anderem ins Englische übersetzt von RelyOnHorror) lässt Christophe Gans beiläufig fallen, dass er momentan mit zwei Projekten beschäftigt ist, die auf bekannten Horror-Videospielen basieren: einem neuen "Silent Hill"-Film – und einer Umsetzung der ebenso gruseligen "Project Zero"-Spiele. According to rumor there are currently two Silent Hill games in development as well. He later spent time as a film critic before co-directing his first film, H.P. On July 9, 2019, Shout! In interviews, Christophe has stated that his love for the Silent Hill series began when he first played Silent Hill. [29] The releases also included a number of special features, such as film previews and a six-part making-of documentary. [36], James Berardinelli of ReelViews gave the film a mildly positive review, awarding it two and a half stars out of four. If you play Silent Hill you know that each character has a very special poetic quality. The first is a movie based on Fatal Frame, aka Project Zero. Silent Hill has landed in the top 10 highest-grossing film adaptations of video game properties listed on Box Office Mojo (from 1980 to present) at #9, grossing $46,982,632 domestic, just behind Resident Evil: Extinction, which grossed $50,648,679 in domestic box office receipts. Klingt bekloppt, ist aber bis zur Herzinfarkt-Grenze gruselig. Her mother Dahlia wanders the streets as an outcast, guilty for her negligence that led to Alessa's doom. In den vergangenen Wochen machten mehrfach Gerüchte über ein neues „Silent Hill“-Spiel die Runde. "Assassin's Creed": Live-Action-Serie bei Netflix in Arbeit, "Uncharted"-Film: Erster Blick auf Tom Holland als Nathan Drake, "Monster Hunter": Offizieller Trailer enthüllt deutschen Kinostart, Neues "Resident Evil"-Reboot soll Ursprungsgeschichte erzählen. In 2004, Gans and screenwriter Roger Avary began writing the script, which would be the first film in a series of Silent Hill films. In den "Project Zero"-Spielen geht's darum, mit einer Art Geisterkamera unheimliche Erscheinungen aufzuspüren und "wegzuknipsen". Now Silent Hill is in the news yet again, but this time on the silver screen. Im Fall von "Silent Hill" muss man sagen: schon wieder. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Zen 3 is sold out everywhere but AMD’s Frank Azor says it was not a paper launch. Hat Gans nicht das erste Silent Hill gemacht? +++ Silent Hill: Das sagt Konami zu den Gerüchten +++. The film contains around 107 different sets[24] specifically used to represent the different versions of the town. In the Silent Hill dimension, Rose and Cybil explore a hotel the Brethren once used, accompanied by Anna, a Brethren member, where they find the burnt remains of a ceremonial chamber. Desperate to find Sharon, Rose allows Dark Alessa access to the church by fusing with her body. In speaking about the creatures in Silent Hill, Gans said that "these monsters are [damned], with the poetic direction of the term: they are a little like the Japanese phantoms, i.e. Visit our corporate site. Amazon verspricht neue Kontingente zum EU-Launch, Für alle, die in dieser Woche leer ausgehen, Monster-Designer Masahiro Ito arbeitet an einem neuen Projekt, Hideo Kojima und Konami bereiten neues Spiel vor – Gerücht. EUR 3,90 +EUR 1,55 Versand. Rose survives the transitions and consequently learns of the existence of Alessa Gillespie, a young girl burnt by the Brethren, the town's fanatical cult. [26], Budgetary concerns caused a few scenes in the film to be rewritten. Der günstigste brandneue, nicht gebrauchte, ungeöffnete, unbeschädigte Artikel in Originalverpackung (falls Verpackung vorhanden).Die Verpackung sollte der Verpackung im Einzelhandel entsprechen, es sei denn, der Artikel ist handgefertigt oder wurde vom Hersteller in einer nicht für den Einzelhandel bestimmten Verpackung geliefert (z.B. Ich kenne keinen anderen Film der so gut umgesetzt wurden ist wie SH. John Squires. Beim bisher letzten vollwertigen Spiel handelt es sich um „Silent Hill: Book of Memories“, das 2012 für die PlayStation Vita auf den Markt kam. He later went on to attend the French film school Idhec, where he created his first short film, Silver Slime, dedicated to Mario Bava. Filming began in February 2005 with an estimated $50 million budget and was shot on sound sets and on location in Canada (Brantford, Ontario and Hamilton, Ontario). Please refresh the page and try again. After completion of the treatment, writer Roger Avary was hired to finalize the story, and was granted sole writing credit for reasons unknown. Aktuelle Folie {CURRENT_SLIDE} von {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Hier sparen: DVDs & Blu-rays, Aktuelle Folie {CURRENT_SLIDE} von {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Das könnte Ihnen auch gefallen, {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"https://ir.ebaystatic.com/cr/v/c1/thirtysevens.jpg","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. Meanwhile, in the real world, Christopher searches the abandoned town with policeman Thomas Gucci, but their search is in vain. [11], Silent Hill's screenwriter, Roger Avary, used the town of Centralia, Pennsylvania as an inspiration for the town of Silent Hill;[12] Avary commented that as a boy, his father, who was a mining engineer, used to tell him stories about Centralia, where coal deposits from the local mine caught fire and released toxic gases into the town, as well as creating sinkholes when the abandoned mineshafts and coal seams began to collapse. Aktuelle Folie {CURRENT_SLIDE} von {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Meistverkauft in DVDs & Blu-rays. Konami was impressed, and Christophe was hired on as director for the upcoming film adaptation. Ich freue mich auf Project Zero ich liebe japanischer Horror. Roger Avary was originally attached to write the screenplay and had written the first draft before he was arrested for vehicular manslaughter on November 2010. „Ich habe zwei Horrorfilmprojekte mit Victor Hadida. He later went on to direct films such as Necronomicon, Crying Freeman, Brotherhood of the Wolf, and Saint Ange. Due to budget concerns, choreographer Roberto Campanella was sent home for the day, and without him the scene did not meet Gans's expectations. Silent Hill was released in Canada on April 21, 2006, by Alliance Atlantis and in France on April 26, 2006, by Metropolitan Filmexport and grossing $100 million worldwide. He is also on a doomed quest to play every Warhammer game. Alessa’s fear and pain never left but instead grew. Christabella convinced Dahlia, a formerly devout Brethren member, to "purify" Alessa, after Alessa was raped by the school janitor while attempting to hide from her tormentors. [14] Gans stated that his original vision of the film's finale revolved around six Red Pyramids appearing inside the church, each carrying a different weapon, and slaughtering the cult members in reference to Dante's Inferno. Despite Hadida's influence as a producer, Konami refused to grant Christophe the rights to produce the film. In 2007, producer Don Carmody stated that Gans would not be returning due to his involvement with Onimusha. Her erratic behaviour concerns police officer, Cybil Bennett. Promotional materials state she cared for orphans whose parents died in the coal steam fire in Silent Hill. Arriving at Silent Hill, Rose is involved in a car accident and awakens to find Sharon missing; while searching for her daughter, she fights a local cult while uncovering Sharon's connection to the town's dark past.[8]. "[20] Bean's role in the film was originally kept to the beginning and the end of the movie, but due to studio pressure for a male lead, his role was expanded into a subplot. Against Christopher's wishes, Rose takes Sharon on a trip to Silent Hill to find answers. A sequel entitled Silent Hill: Revelation was released on October 26, 2012 to critical failure, but modest commercial success. Später wagte sich Hideo Kojima mit „Silent Hills“ an die Marke. EUR 3,67. French director Christophe Gans stuck a dagger in the reputation of one of gaming’s most revered horror franchises when he released Silent Hill – the movie – in 2006. The pair arrived too late and the ritual went awry, igniting the infamous coal seam fire. 2006 konnte Gans mit dem ersten "Silent Hill"-Film einen Achtungserfolg erzielen, den Fans gefiel vor allem die authentische Optik des Spiels. Silent Hill. © Initially, Christophe announced he would return for the Silent Hill sequel. They are both twisted and sophisticated. Offizielle Ankündigungen sind die Statements von Christophe Gans nämlich nicht. Die Preistendenz basiert auf Preisen der letzten 90 Tage. Cybil fights the Brethren members but Christabella orders them to violently beat her. Gans and Avary began working on the script in 2004. Gucci appears, revealing he lived in Silent Hill and saved Alessa from the fire.

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